Take Advantage of our Business Finance Expertise

STAC capital’s directors are career commercial bankers, each with over 15 years experience in structuring commercial finance for medium-size enterprises, typically with turnovers ranging from $5m to $200m per annum. We have assisted and supported businesses as they evolve, grow, acquire, or even face significant challenges. Leveraging this experience, at STAC capital we provide structuring advice and debt capital arrangement services for clients that seek a long-term relationship with a strategic finance partner.

In a time of rapid growth, Mark was a critical part of our team, managing our capital requirements. He took the time to understand our business, provide us with guidance and was responsive to our needs.
— Don Leembruggen, Managing Partner, Barry.Nilsson. Lawyers

Business Transactions

We have significant knowledge, capability and experience in the following types of business finance transactions:

  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Rapid Growth
  • Succession (shareholder exits & entries)
  • Leveraged & Management Buy-Outs
  • Corporate & Balance Sheet Restructures
  • Competitive Tenders & Refinances
  • Restructuring of Debt & Other Banking Facilities 

Scroll down further to see a small selection of transactions and industries that STAC Capital and its Directors have completed.  

Commercial Facilities

We have significant knowledge, capability and experience in a range of commercial facilities that are often required by medium-sized enterprises, including:

  • Working Capital - overdraft, debtor finance & factoring
  • Term Debt - Australian Dollar and Foreign Currency
  • Asset Finance - lease/HP/chattel mortgage, operating leases, revolving lines, IT hardware & software
  • International Trade - Documentary & Standby Letters of Credit, Trade Finance, multi-currency facilities
  • Interest Rate Hedging - fixed rates, caps & collars
  • Foreign Exchange - spot trading, hedging strategies and forward contracts
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Corporate charge/credit cards

Advisory Services

Whilst we do act in a brokerage capacity for our clients, part of our differentiation from finance brokers is in providing bespoke advisory services to select business and corporate clients. 

The scope of our business finance advisory services can be broad, typically agreed based upon the needs of our clients, our capabilities and experience, as well that of their existing professional advisors and consultants. Some examples of potential scopes include but are not limited to:

  • Complex Corporate Structuring - working together with clients and relevant lawyers and accountants to consider risks and requirements, to ensure that the proposed structures will fit with the likely requirements of financiers and/or investors.
  • Financial Forecasts Modelling - assisting to build, or critically analyse, financial forecast models as prepared by our clients or their accountants, particularly in relation to the suitability for use in negotiations with financiers. 
  • Professional Team - leveraging our broad range of relationships, identifying and selecting necessary professionals and consultants commensurate with the nature, size and needs of the business, such as lawyers, accountants, strategy advisors, IT services & strategy, marketing consultants etc.
  • Distressed Work-Outs - review and assessment of distressed positions, formulation of work-out strategies together with clients and relevant professionals (such as lawyers, insolvency practitioners, agents, specialist turn-around professionals), negotiation with existing and/or potential incoming lenders/banks.
  • On-going Financier Relationship Management - negotiations with existing lenders, review or preparation of reporting covenants, re-structure negotiations etc.

If you require some form of assistance with your business finance, contact us so that we can discuss whether we are suitably positioned to assist. We also provide Property Finance and Private Banking.

A Strategic Partnership with STAC Capital

While the structuring and arrangement of finance is very much core to our business, our approach is different to that of typical finance brokers.
Our Directors are actively involved with the owners, key management and external advisors of each of our clients. We are not single deal focused, rather we value long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients. We are fiercely independent and loyal to our clients - while we have strong relationships with a large number of lenders and investors, we do not have any affiliations or attachments to any in particular. We understand the true meaning of strategy and therefore take the time to clearly understand all the factors that make up our clients' strategy, and work with them to continue to build it. We are transparent with our pricing and align this with the interests of our clients.

Mark is a responsive and commercially minded financier, with a sound understanding of business in Australia, along with customer service that, in my experience, is second to none.
— Stephen Russell, Managing Partner, Russells Law

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Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.


Some examples of trading businesses and transactions, for which STAC and its Directors have been the lead-arrangers or financiers, are summarised below.

Importer &

Refinance & restructure of funding lines including Working Capital, FX hedging, Letters of Credit & Trade Finance, Term Debt for commercial property portfolio.

Business Turnover $60m

Funding package $20m



Revolving asset finance line, enabling acquisitions of new trucks and trailers within 24 hours without credit approval.

Business Turnover $13m

Funding package $9m


Frozen Foods Wholesaler

Working Capital funding line secured by business cash flow, releasing commercial and residential properties from securities mix.

Business Turnover $15m

Funding Package $4m


Industrial Printer

"Import Lease", comprising Documentary Letter of Credit, short-term Trade Finance and Asset Finance for import of €3m industrial printer.

Also Term Property Debt to assist with acquisition of $10m industrial property.

legal professional services firm

National Legal Firm

Restructure balance sheets of multiple corporate entities, working capital to assist with revenue and cost-base growth, term debt to fund succession

Business Turnover $45m

Funding package $10m

Overseas Civil Contract

Australian asset-backed Standby Letter of Credit to support project retentions for large civil works contract overseas, together with Foreign Exchange Contracts to protect AUD profit margins.

Facility limit A$6m

poker gaming machines

Sports Club (gaming & liquor)

Major expansion and refurbishment of club facilities, purchase of gaming machines and licences. Debt servicing reliant on forecast financial models.

Funding package $8m


NextGen Cable Networks

Working Capital and Bonding facilities, supporting ~100% Compound Annual Growth Rate in Turnover, doubling the size of facility limits offered by outgoing bank

Business Turnover $80m

financial planning mortgage management


Refinance commercial debt and private banking debt, additional $3m to assist completion of M&A of two competitors.

Business Turnover $9m

Funding package $10m

civil earthworks

Import Lease

Multiple facilities for the import and financing of yellow-goods machines. Forward Exchange Contracts to lock in AUD value of purchase price, Trade Finance during import, then long-term Lease/Hire Purchase finance. 

Facility limit $3m

import wholesale

Importer & Wholesaler

Trade, Debtor and Term Debt facilities to assist with rapid multi-year growth and on-going operational requirements

Funding Package $8m