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Business & Corporate Finance

Strategic Capital for Mergers & Acquisitions, Growth, Distressed Turnaround and more…

Property Development & Investment Finance

Structured Finance for Development, Commercial & Industrial Investment and Specialised Assets


Home Lending for all, from Business Owners and Investors with large and/or complex needs, through to first home buyers


What We Do

We provide professional advice & arrangement services for debt and structured debt/equity, for clients with funding needs typically between $2m to $100m.

We can assist clients that are larger and/or more complex than what the average finance broker is capable of managing, without the expense of a Big4 consulting firm.


Our Approach

Our Directors are actively involved with every single one of our clients, their Directors, Shareholders, CEO/CFO, consultants, external accounting and legal professionals. We consider this absolutely necessary in order to assist in planning, analysing and implementing effective ‘whole of group’ strategies.


Our Values

The Values of a company are about far more than a bunch of nice words that make you sound like good people. We didn’t come up with a bunch of aspirational ideas; rather, in writing our values, we looked inside of ourselves personally to consider what is genuinely important to us. How it is that we choose to live ourselves and, therefore, how we expect everyone within STAC to live their lives and act, both professionally and personally. This is what we’re genuinely about.


About STAC Capital

We are truly client-side. We do not have any affiliation with, or provide loyalty to any particular lenders. In Business/Corporate and Property Finance, our revenue model fully aligns us with our clients’ interests.

Our People

Decades of Experience in Property & Corporate Finance
Deep Relationships in Banking & Alternative Debt Markets
Advising & Partnering with You to Unlock Opportunities


"In my experience with finance brokers, they try and sell you a product. But instead, STAC put themselves in our position; the fact that we could stay with our original bank saved us from a painful experience. Now I think the world is our oyster."


"In a time of rapid growth, Mark was a critical part of our team, managing our capital requirements. He took the time to understand our business, provide us with guidance and was responsive to our needs."