Is Tightening Credit Creating a Risk of a Recession in the Australian Economy?

We’ve been discussing the increasing risk of a recession being triggered as a result of continuing tightening of availability of debt funding from Banks to SMEs, for quite a while now (probably about a year or so). These concerns are now really coming out in the public sphere, so now might be the time to start making public comment. The questions we expect people have now, is exactly what we’ve been discussing with people for most of 2018, being - (1) What are we seeing on the ground, (2) Why is it happening and, (3) What will the result be?

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Personal Reflection on 2018

Everyone comes up with personal New Year’s Resolutions, but who achieves them. Instead of empty goals, this year I stopped to reflect, to decide what I’m going to focus on in 2019 and why.

Key takeouts are to stop saying “I’m so busy”, be Healthy (less alcohol, more exercise, better food), Wealthy (continue building a purposeful business) and Wise (reading, meditating, friends & family). Also can’t forget to put efforts into a greater cause (fighting cancer).

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Buying your Home at Auction with Confidence

Do you have the confidence to buy at auction? Thanks to the Royal Commission, the process and timeframes to get a home loan approved is causing problems in the market. But if you're prepared in advance to bid, then OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS! Martin Millard & Brendan Whipps from Harcourts Solutions Group tell us what they're seeing in the real estate market - and why getting your finance approved BEFORE going to auction is so critical.

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"WHERE IS OUR $14,000,000??", said the developer to their banker, for the umpteenth time.

Having gone around in circles with their existing banker for over 3 months, trying to lock in the consistently promised approval for construction of their 54 townhouse project, this developer was getting beyond frustrated. This is how we got their funding locked in and the project moving ahead. With a Bank.

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What’s the REAL Cost of Business Debt?

Think that a “good deal” in business finance is all about the interest rate & fees? Think again. Before you sign on the dotted line, realise that business finance is rarely that simple…

We look at true cost of asset finance, working capital finance, as well as the VALUE OF EQUITY, and whether it pays to pay more.

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How much does a mortgage broker cost you?

Have you avoided using a mortgage broker because you think you'll get a better deal by going directly to a bank? In this episode of Tom's Tips, Tom explains how most mortgage brokers don't charge anything to their clients - and that it doesn't cost you in any way, in fact you probably have a better chance of getting a better deal than if you went to a bank yourself!

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Tom Kelly
Be careful what you believe

Disappointing to read yet more media fear mongering from a writer who either doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, or chooses to miss the facts. Whilst it can be difficult to see through BS, there are a range of points presented here that we have the insight to challenge.

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Mark Trayner