Credit Tightening & the need for Professional Debt Advice

Too often we’re seeing the goalposts getting moved when businesses and property developers/investors seek debt, as many funders have been changing their appetite. In business, you’re already juggling 100 things - can you afford to be doing 101, particularly when debt is such a high risk game these days? What opportunities are you missing out on by spending your time doing something that we've got the expertise and the time to do?

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April Mailout Update

In 5 seconds - what's in this email worth scrolling for?

  1. Introducing PC - our new Gun 

  2. No we don't just do Property Finance! (Businesses turning over $5-200m is also our core)

  3. Snapshot of recent M&A/Growth seminar that Mark did

  4. A few deals we've been working on lately

...and links to a few blogs & videos we've posted lately...

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Mark Trayner
Time, Money & Missed Opportunities.......

“Are we there yet?”. This old chestnut from the kids in the backseat is increasingly heard from the mouths of Bank customers as they seek to navigate the paths to finance approval. This week we explain a little of why it’s taking so long to get finance & also why the finance you do get approved is likely for a shorter term…..

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Paul Carpenter
Considering using Mezzanine Debt on your next Development, because your Equity is still tied up in the last one? There can be a better way...

With sales now taking longer to lock in and settle, property developers often have unsold stock when construction has completed, which can leave them either being unable to payout the construction debt, or having equity tied up that is needed for the next project. This is often a problem because equity and profits naturally lie in the last units/lots.

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Mark Trayner
Is Tightening Credit Creating a Risk of a Recession in the Australian Economy?

We’ve been discussing the increasing risk of a recession being triggered as a result of continuing tightening of availability of debt funding from Banks to SMEs, for quite a while now (probably about a year or so). These concerns are now really coming out in the public sphere, so now might be the time to start making public comment. The questions we expect people have now, is exactly what we’ve been discussing with people for most of 2018, being - (1) What are we seeing on the ground, (2) Why is it happening and, (3) What will the result be?

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Personal Reflection on 2018

Everyone comes up with personal New Year’s Resolutions, but who achieves them. Instead of empty goals, this year I stopped to reflect, to decide what I’m going to focus on in 2019 and why.

Key takeouts are to stop saying “I’m so busy”, be Healthy (less alcohol, more exercise, better food), Wealthy (continue building a purposeful business) and Wise (reading, meditating, friends & family). Also can’t forget to put efforts into a greater cause (fighting cancer).

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Buying your Home at Auction with Confidence

Do you have the confidence to buy at auction? Thanks to the Royal Commission, the process and timeframes to get a home loan approved is causing problems in the market. But if you're prepared in advance to bid, then OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS! Martin Millard & Brendan Whipps from Harcourts Solutions Group tell us what they're seeing in the real estate market - and why getting your finance approved BEFORE going to auction is so critical.

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