Mark Trayner

Managing Director

Masters of Business Administration (MBA, UQ)

With 19 years experience in property, business and corporate finance, prior to co-founding STAC Capital in 2017, Mark held senior management roles in Macquarie Bank, NAB and private property development finance.

In property finance, Mark has experience across a wide range of asset classes, including Residential (from townhouses to high-density residential towers), Commercial, Industrial and specialised-use such as Childcare and Retirement Villages, through all layers of the capital stack, including senior and mezzanine debt, preferential equity and joint venture arrangements.

In business & corporate finance, he has a strong background in complex corporate structures, cash flow finance, asset finance, international trade, foreign exchange & interest rate hedging, production and analysis of complex financial structures and models, risk assessment and management, distressed asset management and strategic stakeholder management.

Phone. 0402 490 701