Advisory Services

Project, Pipeline & Portfolio Advice

Whilst we do act in a brokerage capacity for our clients, part of our differentiation from finance brokers is in providing bespoke advisory services to select property developers and commercial property investors.

The scope of our advisory services can be quite broad, typically agreed based upon the needs of our clients, our capabilities and experience, as well that of our strategic partners (external advisors and consultants).

Professional Advisory Services for Property

Project Feasibility

  • Assisting to build, or critically analyse, single- or multi-stage project feasibilities

  • Including the quantum and timing of the various layers of the capital stack, including Senior Debt, Mezzanine Debt, Preferential and Ordinary Equity.

JoinT Venture Structuring

  • Structuring & Arranging various forms of equity

  • Working together with lawyers and accountants to ensure that risks are adequately considered and potential benefits leveraged

  • Ensuring that structures will fit with the likely requirements of financiers and/or investors.

Project Team

  • Leveraging our broad range of relationships, we identify and select necessary professionals and consultants commensurate with the nature and size of a project

  • Project/development managers, town planners, architects, engineers, valuers, quantity surveyors, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants etc.

Distressed Work-Outs

  • Review and assessment of distressed positions/assets

  • Formulation of work-out strategies together with clients and relevant professionals (lawyers, insolvency practitioners, sale agents, construction professionals etc)

  • Negotiation with existing and/or potential incoming lenders/banks.

Charge Forward

Solutions for all projects, major or boutique

Whether you need to unlock capital from 3 or 300 units, STAC have the capability to structure a solution for you. We cover the entire capital stack:

  • Senior Debt (1st mortgage)
  • Mezzanine Debt (2nd mortgage)
  • Structured Equity - including Preferential Equity and Ordinary Equity.

STAC Capital and its highly-experienced team have been the lead-arrangers or financiers on countless property projects and portfolios, ranging from boutique townhouses to $100m high-density developments.

We access capital through our broad and deep relationships including local & offshore Banks, Fund Managers and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNW/VHNW/HNW).

Why Choose Us

Our approach is different to that of typical finance brokers.

1. You Only deal with very highly experienced professionals.

2. We are not just single deal focused. We value long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients.

3. We are fiercely independent and loyal to our clients – while we have strong relationships with a large number of lenders and investors, we do not have any affiliations or attachments to any in particular.

4. We understand the true meaning of strategy and therefore take the time to clearly understand all the factors that make up our clients’ strategy, before structuring & implementing a solution.

5. We are transparent with our pricing and align this with the interests of our clients.

Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

What Do I Do Next?

Get in touch directly with one of STAC’s Directors and tell them about your opportunities that need to be unlocked.