Construction Finance

Unlocking Opportunities for Projects Big & Small

Efficient and effective capital structuring necessitates insight & experience. Leveraging our significant construction & development finance experience, combined with our deep and broad relationships across Banks, Fund Managers and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals, we structure and source Debt & Equity for our clients, covering the entire capital stack, including:

  • Senior Debt (1st mortgage)

  • Mezzanine Debt (2nd mortgage)

  • Equity – Preferential & Joint Venture

“The relationships and knowledge that STAC Capital have in the property development industry has proven a valuable asset to DevCorp. An approachable and highly professional team that are quick to find a tailored solution and open the right doors.”


Don’t Settle For Less

Capabilities beyond those of Finance Brokers

Finance brokers will often quickly jump to telling you that they have a particular product or lender that will be a magic fix, based upon what you’ve told them at a high-level you need. They might even tell you that they do up to $300m when the truth is that they don’t have the experience to build, let alone understand, a detailed multi-stage cash-flow forecast, perhaps not even how to ask hard questions and drive optimal outcomes with Valuers, Quantity Surveyors and other critical consultants & professionals.

STAC Capital and its highly-experienced team are career commercial bankers and have been the lead-arrangers or financiers for countless property developers and investors with complex funding needs. Complexity is our game, through and through.


Construction Finance

Beyond being able to stitch a development finance deal together, STAC’s capabilities include:


Advisory Services

  • Feasibility Building & Analysis
  • Forming Professionals & Consultants Team
  • Distressed Asset/Portfolio Turnaround
  • Joint Venture Structuring


Equity Capital

  • Preferential Equity
  • Joint Venture Equity
  • Distressed Turnaround

Why use STAC?

Our approach is different to that of typical finance brokers.

1. You Only deal with very highly experienced professionals.

2. We are not just single deal focused. We value long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients.

3. We are fiercely independent and loyal to our clients – while we have strong relationships with a large number of lenders and investors, we do not have any affiliations or attachments to any in particular.

4. We understand the true meaning of strategy and therefore take the time to clearly understand all the factors that make up our clients’ strategy, before structuring & implementing a solution.

5. We are transparent with our pricing and align this with the interests of our clients.

Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

What’s the Next Step?

Get in touch directly with one of STAC’s Directors and tell them about your opportunities that need to be unlocked.