Unlocking Opportunity in Larger Businesses

Do you own or control a business that has any of the following:

  • Complex funding needs of $10m or more?

  • Needs that aren’t being met or understood by your bankers?

  • Growth potential held back because you’re unable to access sufficient capital?

  • Wishing to acquire other businesses or more assets, but have bankers that aren’t willing to provide the required funding?

We solve these challenges everyday for our clients.

In my experience with finance brokers, they try and sell you a product. But instead, STAC put themselves in our position; the fact that we could stay with our original bank saved us from a painful experience. Now I think the world is our oyster.

In the current environment however, access to capital is tighter than it used to be, bankers often don’t understand their clients’ businesses.
Business owners know that with the right financiers by their side, managing their business would be far less stressful and they could even improve the value of their business by taking it to the next level.

A Specialist Approach Delivers Results

The biggest inhibitor that we see in businesses looking to borrow or raise $10 – 100m, is that they don’t know how best to source, negotiate and structure their debt & equity capital needs, or how to pull the right strings with bankers or investors. The reason why this happens is that, as a business owner or CEO/CFO, they may be leaders in their field; but they’re not bankers or financiers.

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Leveraging our significant experience and deep relationships in Capital Markets, we structure and source debt, equity and hybrids for our clients, typically businesses turning over up to $200m who are working to take their business to the next level.

Working through a defined and detailed process, we achieve results for our clients that fit with their strategic goals and imperatives, which in turn allows them to achieve the results that they are working hard for.

And we’re not just finance brokers. We provide our clients with strategic advice and access to capital from sources that include Banks, Fund Managers, Bond Writers and Ultra-High-Net Worth Individuals.

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