Our Experience

Importer & Wholesaler

Refinance & restructure of funding lines including Working Capital, FX hedging, Letters of Credit & Trade Finance, Term Debt for commercial property portfolio.

Business Turnover $60m
Funding package $20m

National Legal Firm

Restructure balance sheets of multiple corporate entities, working capital to assist with revenue and cost-base growth, term debt to fund succession.

Business Turnover $45m
Funding package $10m

NextGen Cable Network

Working Capital and Bonding facilities, supporting ~100% Compound Annual Growth Rate in Turnover, doubling the size of facility limits offered by outgoing bank.

Business Turnover $80m

Long-Haul Freight

Revolving asset finance line, enabling acquisitions of new trucks and trailers within 24 hours without credit approval.

Business Turnover $13m
Funding package $9m

Offshore Civil Contract

Australian asset-backed Standby Letter of Credit to support project retentions for large civil works contract overseas, together with Foreign Exchange Contracts to protect AUD profit margins.

Facility limit A$6m

Financial Services

Refinance commercial debt and private banking debt, additional $3m to assist completion of M&A of two competitors.

Business Turnover $9m
Funding package $10m

Frozen Foods Wholesaler

Working Capital funding line secured by business cash flow, releasing commercial and residential properties from securities mix.

Business Turnover $15m
Funding Package $4m

Sports Club (gaming & liquor)

Major expansion and refurbishment of club facilities, purchase of gaming machines and licences. Debt servicing reliant on forecast financial models.

Funding package $8m

Import Lease

Multiple facilities for the import and financing of yellow-goods machines. Forward Exchange Contracts to lock in AUD value of purchase price, Trade Finance during import, then long-term Lease/Hire Purchase finance.

Facility limit $3m


Funding & growth capped by overdraft limit being secured against Shareholders’ home. Increase & Debt Restructure to Trade & Debtor Finance lines totalling $5m, release of PPR security.  Resulting in significant growth.

Significant increase in profitability

Balance Sheet Equity multiplied 10 times in 3 years

Industrial Printer

Import Lease”, comprising Documentary Letter of Credit, short-term Trade Finance and Asset Finance for import of €3m industrial printer.

Also Term Property Debt to assist with acquisition of $10m industrial property.

Importer & Wholesaler

Trade, Debtors and Term Debt facilities to assist with rapid multi-year growth and on-going operational requirements.

Funding Package $8m