Financing markets have tightened.

Lending policies are stricter, appetites waned.
The goal posts are constantly moving. 

You need more than just a finance broker to stay on top. 

The relationships and knowledge that STAC Capital have in the property development industry has proven a valuable asset to DevCorp. An approachable and highly professional team that are quick to find a tailored solution and open the right doors.
— Murray Thornton, Managing Director, DevCorp

Access to Capital in a Challenging Market

Your capital requirements are complex, with many moving parts interplaying within your business, property development or investment portfolio, as well as personal wealth strategies.

Access to capital, in a manner that has been structured appropriately and optimally, supports and drives success.
The results of a lack thereof can range from frustration through to disastrous failure.

With over 30 years of combined experience in financial markets across property and trading businesses, STAC Capital's Directors are best placed to help you navigate the turbulent seas of the finance world. Our skill-sets and experience ensures that we understand what it is that banks and non-bank lenders consider to be important when reviewing funding proposals. Furthermore, being up to date with the ever-changing and varying degrees of appetite of lenders, across different industries and asset classes, ensures that we have the right banks or lenders at the table, when negotiating your funding requirements.

This, combined with our 'deep dive' approach to understanding your business, allows us to structure and facilitate optimal finance packages that fit with your strategies, optimising property, business and private wealth outcomes.

As career professionals within the commercial finance industry, we have built solid relationships with all forms of financiers and private investors and, as a result, can offer a wide range of capital solutions that go beyond the offerings of typical finance advisors. Our capital sources range from major and selected non-major Australian banks, to Australian and off-shore Fund Managers, as well as Ultra High-Net Worth (UHNW) private investors. 

We provide advisory services for Property Finance, Commercial Finance and Private Banking . Our Directors have significant experience and a proven track record in delivering results for:

  • Property Developers and Commercial Property Investors across a range of sectors, including medium- and high-density residential, land development and subdivision, mixed-use, commercial, industrial, child care, pubs & clubs, hotels, etc.
  • Medium-Sized Enterprises, including businesses across varied industries such as import & wholesale, construction, earthworks, medical, professional services, retail and many others. 

Capital Advisors vs Finance Brokers

STAC Capital’s competitors are typically finance brokers, however there are a number of factors that set us apart.

An Involved Process

Our Directors are actively involved with each one of our clients, their Directors, Shareholders, CEO/CFO, consultants, external accounting and legal professionals. We consider this absolutely necessary in order to assist in planning, analysing and implementing effective ‘whole of group’ strategies. 

A Professional Approach

The utmost in professionalism is our approach in everything we do. With this as one of our core values, we consider ourselves to be a professional services firm, rather than a brokerage house.

Long-Term Relationships

Long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients and partners are also valued very highly. Whilst we are driven to successfully complete your required transactions, we are not single deal-focused; we have little interest in assisting those who seek a one-off deal, rather we focus our time and resources on clients that similarly value long-term relationships. 

Independent Interests

We are fiercely independent in the interests of our clients. We do not have any affiliation with, or provide loyalty to, any particular lenders. Many finance brokers send a large proportion of their deals to one or two lenders, either because that is the quickest and easiest path, or because they may even receive 'soft benefits'. By understanding the specific factors relating to you and your business or project, we always consider what may be all of the potential options in the market and discuss our approach or funding application strategy with you. 

Thorough Understanding of Your Business

A 'deep-dive' of your business, project or portfolio is considered by us to be key, in order to understand factors such as your strategy, operations, management, risks and opportunities. Doing so ensures not only that we can prepare an optimal funding proposal document, but also opens up the opportunity to identify and discuss opportunities to improve your business or project.

Early Involvement

Early-stage involvement is our preferred modus operandi, to help ensure that all factors within your strategy are optimal. Trying to arrange finance at the last minute, when you need funding yesterday, often results in short-cuts and thereby a sub-optimal finance package.


Our revenue model is completely transparent and ensures no conflicts of interest. In relation to advisory scopes, we will typically charge fixed-fees that are milestone-based. Where funding applications are made to banks (that typically pay commissions to brokers), a conflict often arises with larger commercial facilities in that banks will pay a percentage of the establishment fee (the broker is thereby incentivised to encourage the bank to charge a higher fee); in such instances we therefore agree with you as to what our total fees will be, whether payable by the bank or you - thereby incentivising us only to seek the best deal possible for you.

We focus on the vision of our clients, valuing long-term strategic partnerships, delivered with absolute professionalism. Whatever your needs are, STAC Capital have the experience and capability to drive your vision.