Complex situations are the norm at STAC Capital

As a successful professional or entrepreneur, your personal and residential finance needs often come a distant second to your daily business pressures.
Furthemore, your income, assets and debts can be too complex for a typical finance broker.

Whilst our financial model is the same as normal finance brokers - with banks/lenders paying commissions to us, at no cost to you - we provide a professional alternative to normal mortgage brokers. Working together with you, as well as your taxation and legal advisers where appropriate, we help you structure and source home lending facilities that support your tax structuring, wealth accumulation and asset protection strategies. 

A Strategic Partnership with STAC Capital

While the structuring and arrangement of finance is very much core to our business, our approach is different to that of typical finance brokers.
We are not “one transaction focused” - we value long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients.
We are fiercely independent and loyal to our clients - while we have strong relationships with many banks and lenders, we do not have any affiliations, loyalties or attachments to any banks or lenders in particular.
We understand the true meaning of strategy and therefore take the time to clearly understand all the factors that make up our clients' personal finance and wealth strategies, and work with them to continue to build it.

As well as Personal Residential Finance, STAC Capital also provides advisory services for Property Finance and Business Finance.

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Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.