Complex Needs?


This is the norm at STAC Capital.

You used to have a Private Banker or Business Banker that looked after you. But what do you have now?
Less service, less capability, tighter regulations, increased scrutiny.

The world of finance isn't becoming any easier.

Do you know exactly how to navigate in the new world of finance?
Do you know how to find the best deal for your circumstances?

Leave us to set your foundations.

You focus on forging your path, building your legacy, your vision of your future.

By gaining a full understanding of where you are now, as well as exploring your aspirational vision for your future, we help you unlock opportunities by structuring and arranging the lending that you need in order to reach your goals.

Whilst our financial model is the same as normal finance brokers - with banks/lenders paying commissions to us, at no cost to you - we provide a professional alternative to normal mortgage brokers. Working together with you, as well as your taxation and legal advisers where appropriate, we help you structure and source home lending facilities that support your tax structuring, wealth accumulation and asset protection strategies. 


STAC Capital focuses on getting you the right loans, to unlock your opportunities.

Tom Kelly leads the charge at STAC Capital when it comes to your home lending needs.

If you have complex financial needs but aren’t sure what to do next, do this:

Call Tom on 0437 403 993, or email him now.

Your full financial situation will need to be reviewed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

As well as Personal Residential Finance, STAC Capital also provides advisory services for Property Finance and Business Finance.