Supporting Mortage Brokers to Easily & Confidently engage in Property Development Finance

Property Development Finance can be very lucrative for Mortgage Brokers. Not only are the loan sizes typically much larger than the average home loan, but most developers are great repeat clients, building project after project. 

But this specialised form of finance can also be stressful and confusing, with countless hurdles. 

In our decades of experience in property development finance, we have regularly seen 4 big challenges that Mortgage Brokers face, when trying to do the best by their valued clients.

1. Providing Quality Service
Not having significant experience and knowledge with finance structures for property developments, Mortgage Brokers often lack the confidence that they’ll be able to provide their clients with the A-grade level of service & outcomes that they hold themselves to. This might be because a deal that they negotiate isn’t necessarily the best option, or it could be because timeframes drag on with lots of back & forth.

2. Knowing Who’s Who
There are literally hundreds of lenders in the property development space. Not knowing who’s who, the “go-to” options for Mortgage Brokers are often limited to:
(a) Banks (who really only fit well with a very small number of projects these days)
(b) Big well-known Non-Banks (that can be almost as challenging to deal with as banks)
(c) A couple of non-banks that might be unnecessarily expensive (or even lack ethics and take advantage)

3. Unscrupulous Brokers
Looking for the help of another broker to get the deal done, Mortgage Brokers will sometimes turn to a specialist-broker to help get the deal done. Unfortunately, there are countless players in this space who’s business models and ethics don’t align with those of highly-ethical good quality Mortgage Brokers.  Charging big fees for no outcomes, or making empty promises, are a normal part of their game. Ultimately this sours the client’s experience and paints You in a poor light.

4. Worse Still – Everyone Loses
The worst outcome that often happens is that, after a couple of months of trying to work out how to get the deal done, nothing is achieved, with the client getting frustrated and then walking off to find another broker themselves.

Leverage our Experience, Capabilites & Relationships

We offer Mortgage Brokers the ability to confidently arrange Property Development Finance for their clients, following a clear & simple process:

  1. Complete our simple & short online “Q&A” form
  2. Immediately receive an email from us, listing exactly what supporting information is needed
  3. We put together the entire credit submission and negotiate with lenders to get finance approved.


Your Client is Always YOURS

We 100% respect that your client is your client. We are here only to help YOU deliver a great result for your client, just for the one deal that you ask us to help with. That’s it.


Access all Capital Structures

Leveraging our deep and broad relationships across Banks, Fund Managers and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals, you can access funding across the entire capital stack, including:

  • Senior Debt (1st mortgage)
  • Mezzanine Debt (2nd mortgage)
  • Equity (Preferential & Joint Venture)

Choose your Commission & Service Model

BEHIND THE SCENES - Maximise & Set your own Commissions

Your client only deals with YOU

We support You, behind the scenes, through to Approval – your client doesn’t even need to know we’re here!

Set your own Commission %* !!

We have a low fixed % – simply add your chosen commission on top of that!

Clear & Easy Process

Complete our easy online Property Development Fact Find in full, we’ll then tell you exactly what the process will be (based upon the status of the project) and exactly what information needs to be collected.

Supporting You, The Whole Way

Priority phone & email access, directly with one of STAC’s Senior Property Development Finance Experts.  

*Maximum & Minimum Commission percentages apply, please discuss with us if you wish to charge outside of our standard parameters.
Spot & Refer - 50/50 Split on Comms & Fees

30 to 50% share of all Commissions & Fees*

30% if you want to leave the deal in our hands for the entire process, or

50% if we look after structuring & negotiating a credit-endorsed Terms Sheet, with you then taking-over the administration to settlement after your client has accepted.

Regular Updates & Support

Just because you elect to leave us to do the heavy lifting, doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the dark. We’ll keep you updated regularly and include you in as many or as few of the communications as you like.

Your Client will ALWAYS be Yours

We 100% respect our Brokers. Even under the Spot & Refer model, we’re only here to help you & your client get the one deal done that you’ve asked us to do. If your client did ever approach us directly thereafter, we’ll let you know AND we’ll pay you. In our eyes, your client will ALWAYS be yours. 

“The relationships and knowledge that STAC Capital have in the property development industry has proven a valuable asset to DevCorp. An approachable and highly professional team that are quick to find a tailored solution and open the right doors.”


Have a Deal Ready to Go?

Just complete the details of your client’s property development, in our easy to use Online Broker Portal.

Worried that you might not know what questions to ask your client, or what information to ask them for?

Stop worrying. Our system gives you all of the most important questions to ask, then will send you an email with a list of exactly what information you need to ask your client to supply!

ADVISORY SERVICES & complex funding structures

Need Something More?

Beyond helping with development finance, STAC can also help with:


Advisory Services

  • Building a Project Feasibility
  • Forming a Professionals & Consultants Team
  • Turnarounds for Distressed Projects


Structured Finance & Equity

  • Mezzanine Debt & Preferential Equity
  • Joint Ventures
  • Distressed Turnaround

Why use STAC?

Trusted Property Finance Professionals.

1. Deal with very highly experienced banking & finance professionals.

2. We value long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our Brokers.

3. We are fiercely independent – while we have strong relationships with a large number of lenders and investors, we do not have any affiliations or attachments to any in particular – we always have the client at the centre of our universe.

4. We understand the true meaning of strategy and therefore take the time to clearly understand all the factors that make up our clients’ strategy, before structuring & implementing a solution.

5. We are transparent with our pricing and align this with the interests of our brokers and their clients.