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How Low can the AUD go?

There has been continued downward-pressure on the AUD recently, a consistent downward trend for about 18 months (late January 2018 was ~81c). There’s not much argument for a likelihood of the AUD recovering north again. If anything, it all amounts to some pretty strong downside risk for the AUD. The big question that often gets asked is – “how low could it go?”.

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Considering using Mezzanine Debt on your next Development, because your Equity is still tied up in the last one? There can be a better way...

With sales now taking longer to lock in and settle, property developers often have unsold stock when construction has completed, which can leave them either being unable to payout the construction debt, or having equity tied up that is needed for the next project. This is often a problem because equity and profits naturally lie in the last units/lots.

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