5 minutes with Tom Kelly, head of home finance

Brigitte: Hey Tom! Thanks for sitting with us for a few minutes to tell us all a bit about yourself. Let's kick it off with a bit about what you were doing before joining the STAC team. 

Tom: I was living on the Gold Coast working for an entertainment company that owned two radio stations.  This was an incredible lifestyle where every day I could walk 50 metres out my door or 100 metres out my office and bury my feet deep into the sand.  That's exactly what this was though, a lifestyle - as much as I enjoyed my time I knew I wanted something more and I always had a love for property. Prior to living on the GC I worked for a big 4 bank for 6 years and always had a love for achieving results for clients, especially a new house or home!  There was just something about helping Aussies achieve the Australian dream. It didn't take long for Mark, Dale and I to all agree on creating a home lending arm for STAC Capital, and it is to be my baby with one goal in mind - helping our clients achieve their goals & dreams!


Brigitte: There’s a lot of mixed reviews about Brisbane’s real estate market? What’s your take on it all?

Tom: I am seeing lots of different comments and reviews on the hot topic of Brisbane in the apartment world.  Yes we have a lot of 1 or 2 bedder boxes in a small handful of specific areas that are not doing so well, but there is a reason for this - too much of the same thing has been built.  On the other hand we are seeing the 3 bedder and luxury apartments explode in the owner occupied ‘down sizer’ market, with solid demand. The fact is, depending on where (suburb) what (house vs townhouse vs apartment vs better apartments) and who (target/goal) you’re talking about, the Brisbane property market can be a challenge or a potential gold mine.  It is worth getting in touch with someone who can help you navigate this market *cough* me *cough*.

I wrote a brief blog on the Spring property market that everyone needs to read, it gives you an overview on things to come.  Either way, get excited!! I know am!

Brigitte: What are the key growth areas for anyone looking to create a property portfolio in Brisbane and South East Queensland?

Tom: If you are looking for a suburb that is next to boom, some would say you may as well throw a dart at a dart board.  There are some areas in the Great South East that are looking hot, like Maroochydore with its new major CBD development, or Ferny Grove and its $9 million transit precinct development.  I think the age-old fundamentals always apply - people want to live where there is good infrastructure and amenity, transport and schools. Then the simple principle of supply & demand kicks in, if more people want to live somewhere, compared to how many new homes can be supplied, prices will go up.  My advice, get advice. Don't listen to Bob at your neighbourhood BBQ who has a mate of a mate who knows the inside word. Get real advice through people who live and breath this industry *cough* STAC Capital *cough*.


Brigitte: What is your focus over these coming months?

Tom: Over these coming months I have a pretty clear focus of getting to know our current clients and ensuring they are looked after with our holistic view of finance, now including their private needs beyond their business or projects - their home lending. Beyond our existing clients, we want to leverage STAC’s core capabilities and experience, to provide a home loan brokerage service with a focus on entrepreneurs in property & business, as well as professionals with bigger than average goals.

There are a lot home loan brokers out there that can process loans.  The key for us to be successful is by truly caring, understanding our clients’ needs and goals, and making it enjoyable.  I want to get you in your new home, buy your next investment, help your kids finally move out into their own place, or downsize into your dream apartment.  I am about helping you to achieve your emotional goals, not just sort out your financial needs.


Brigitte: Where can we find you hanging out on weekends?

Tom: I live in North Brissy and on the weekends you can often find me out and about at a park pretending to do pull ups or at the markets thinking I can tell if a certain apple is organic.  As soon as the afternoon hits I will be watching the mighty Broncos get the win at any fine establishment that sells a schooner. An NRL tragic of sorts, I live and breathe the game and could talk about it for hours.

I can also be convinced to be at Black Bird some afternoons enjoying the view and “networking”.

Wherever I am, if you see me please come say hello :)  I love a good chat about the Brisbane property market, the mighty Broncos, or where you can get the best espresso martini after 7 beers!

Mark Trayner