Our Values

The Values of a company are about far more than a bunch of nice words that make you sound like good people. We didn’t come up with a bunch of aspirational ideas; rather, in writing the below, we looked inside of ourselves personally to consider what is genuinely important to us. How it is that we choose to live ourselves and, therefore, how we expect everyone within STAC to live their lives and act, both professionally and personally.

This is what we’re genuinely about.


Be truly Client Centric

Be passionate about our clients and always consider how every interaction and action will affect them, in business as well as on a personal and emotional level.

Always strive to deliver the best outcomes possible for our clients, while building genuinely mutually beneficial relationships.


Communicate with Clarity

Be brave, be candid, above all else always be completely transparent. With everyone.


Quality in Everything We Do

Never assume anything. Don’t cut corners. Everything from daily internal tasks, through to the ultimate client outcome, is undertaken to as high a degree of quality as possible.


Take Initiative

Be proactive and accountable. Reach high, have big goals, set yourself high hurdles and be outcome focused.



For Everyone. Full stop.


Do the Right Thing

In everything we do, in everyone’s interest. Always tell the truth, don’t play games, no BS.


Live Life

We’re on this earth to do far more than just work. Family is paramount. Achieving your best at work requires you to to be healthy on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Work smarter not harder.


Check The Ego

Being the best is great. But that doesn’t mean you need to act like you’re it.