About Us
“The relationships and knowledge that STAC Capital have in the property development industry has proven a valuable asset to DevCorp. An approachable and highly professional team that are quick to find a tailored solution and open the right doors.”
— Murray Thornton, Managing Director, Devcorp

“In a time of rapid growth, Mark was a critical part of our team, managing our capital requirements. He took the time to understand our business, provide us with guidance and was responsive to our needs.”

— Don Leembruggen, Managing Partner, Barry.Nilsson. Lawyers

Don’t Settle For Less

What makes STAC different?

Our decades of experience in financing businesses in a range of industries, property developments and property portfolios across a range of sectors, gives us a deep understanding of complex transactions & strategies.

Matched with our deep & broad relationships in Banking, as well as non-bank Debt Capital Markets (“DCM”), we provide professional advice & arrangement services for debt and structured debt/equity, for clients with funding needs typically between $2m to $100m.

This allows us to assist clients that are larger and/or more complex than what the average finance broker is capable of managing, without the expense of a Big4 consulting firm.

Our independence

Truly Client-Side & Independent

Unlike finance brokers, we are truly client-side. We do not have any affiliation with, or provide loyalty to, any particular lenders.
For Business/Corporate and Property Finance* our revenue model fully aligns us with our clients’ interests.

We do this by:

  1. Our advisory, analysis and preparation services being undertaken on a Professional Services-style model; and
  2. Success Fees being transparent and agreed with our clients upfront, with any upfront commissions paid by banks/lenders being credited towards these fees (we don’t “double-dip”).

Whilst banks/lenders may pay us additional “trail” commissions on some types of loans, as a matter of principle and as part of our values, we do not make lender or product decisions or recommendations based upon what we will earn. We always provide our clients with the available options and allow them to make the final decision.

*Home lending brokerage services, or commercial lending where we specifically agree with clients to operate on a typical brokerage model, may be excluded from our normal revenue model.



Direct Involvement of Directors

Our Directors are actively involved with every single one of our clients, their Directors, Shareholders, CEO/CFO, consultants, external accounting and legal professionals. We consider this absolutely necessary in order to assist in planning, analysing and implementing effective ‘whole of group’ strategies.


Utmost Professionalism

This is our approach in everything we do. With this as one of our core values, we consider ourselves to be a professional services firm, rather than a brokerage house.


Long-Term Relationships

Long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients and partners is a non-negotiable. Whilst we are driven to successfully complete your required transactions, we are not single deal-focused; we have little interest in assisting those who seek a one-off deal, rather we focus our time and resources on clients that also value long-term relationships. 


Thorough Understanding of Your Business

A ‘deep-dive’ of your business, project or portfolio is considered by us to be key, in order to understand factors such as your strategy, operations, management, risks and opportunities. Doing so ensures not only that we can prepare an optimal funding proposal document, but also opens up the opportunity to identify and discuss opportunities to improve your business or project.


Early Involvement

Early-stage involvement is our preferred modus operandi, to help ensure that all factors within your strategy are optimal. Trying to arrange finance at the last minute, when you need funding yesterday, often results in short-cuts and thereby a sub-optimal finance package



Our revenue model is completely transparent and ensures no conflicts of interest. For Advisory scopes, we will typically charge fixed-fees that are milestone-based. Where funding applications are made to banks (that typically pay commissions to brokers), a conflict often arises with larger commercial facilities in that banks will pay brokers a percentage of the establishment fee (the broker is thereby incentivised to encourage the bank to charge a higher fee); in such instances we therefore agree with you as to what our total fees will be, whether payable by the bank or you – thereby incentivising us only to seek the best deal possible for you.

Whatever your needs are

STAC Capital have the experience and capability to drive your vision